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Why do you want to be a Vampyr?

Below are the responses from people when asked why they want to be a Vampyr. If you would like to be a Vampyr, e-mail me and tell me why and I'll post your response!

I want to join the world of the vampires because there is nothing left in life, and I'd rather be a creature of the night than totally dead. I want to be part of that whole new world.


I believe that the vampire images could be understood as an expression of what I term the "shadow," those aspects of the self that the conscious ego is unable to recognise. Usually the shadow contains repressed motives, anti-social impulses, morally questionable motives, childish fantasies of a grandiose nature, and other traits felt to be shameful. The vampire can be seen as a projection of that aspect of the personality, which according to the conscious mind should be dead but nevertheless lives. I believe the image of the vampire in popular culture serves as a useful scapegoat since the vampire, through the mechanism of projection, allows us to disowm the negative aspects of out personality. In Bram Stoker's Dracula, Dracula treats Mina Harker the way Jonathan Harker would like to treat her but is scared to do so. Dracula treats Lucy the way her fiance would like to treat her. The vampiric Lucy can respond to men the way non-vampire Lucy could not.


Feelings of emptiness, envy, and repressed sexuality propagate the vampire myth throughout all human cultures. The aspects of vampirism match with those aspects of the self that people wish didn't exist. Taking on the vampire persona serves as a useful scapegoat for those unable to deal with themselves.

Yours in Reality
Frederic the Dream King

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