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Vampiric Symptoms

The following article has been borrowed from A Real Vampire's Homepage. To read more interesting information, please visit the link, thanx.

Symptoms: PLEASE NOTE!!! If you suffer from any one of these symptoms you ARE NOT A VAMPIRE! SEE YOUR DOCTOR IMMEDEATLY!!! A vampire suffers from ALL OF THESE SYMPTOMS AND WE SEE A DOCTOR ON A REGULAR BASES AS ANYONE WITH ANY SENSE SHOULD DO! I would also like to note that I am a vampire. I know many of you have visited other info pages that may not agree with what I write here. Let me just say I come from a long line of vampires and I can only relate fact as I know it to be. I would also like to note I am not a "new ager" or anything of that sort either. I do not rely on books, only my own experiences and those whom I have personaly communicated with.

1. Sun sensitivity. This is probably the most abused and misunderstood issue. If a person suffers from reactions to the sun in the form of severe burning they should see a physician immediately. They may suffer from rare medical conditions like xeroderma pigmentosum or porphyria. The fact is vampires are sensitive to sun light, but not in the same way. For a vampire the sun hurts. Some of us, like anyone else, are prone to burn, some are not. It also causes severe migraines and the feeling of being ill or poisoned although there may be other causes for these symptoms. This is accompanied by sever and rapid dehydration and we easily succumb to heat stroke. Many of us can function in the sun thanks to modern technology in special lenses and creams. Of course protective clothing is a must. Note that many who claim these symptoms and claim to be real vampires are drawing there stereo type from hollywood. Historicaly, in Europe and Amerindian traditions especially, vampires are not burned by the sun as we see in the movies.

2. Immortality. Based on the many members of my family both past and present that suffer from vamperism I do not think there is any such thing as physical immortality. I know many would like to believe there are some vampires that are so regenerative and powerful that they live for hundreds of years, but this is simply not the case. We die as anyone dies, just more slowly if our death be of natural causes. This is not due to slower aging, but rather is a fringe benefit of our immune symptoms. However, most, not all, claim to be re-encarnated repeatedly. I am of Amerindian and Scot descent and Amerindian legends provide for physical immortality, but I think this is a legendized form of the re-encarnation concept since to our way of thinking the body is simply a shell. The soul is real. I can recall 43 lives so far and the funny part is I still have a problem accepting re-encarnation. Perhaps this is what is meant by being "cursed" to walk the earth forever? I'm not sure, but I can say that I do not feel as though I belong here, alien almost. (No, not the ET kind) The idea of having to keep coming back is very depressing. Evidently the Creator in His infinite wisdom has designed us for battle here, but that gets into spiritual topics not yet covered.

3. Immune system of the vampire: Simply put, if a person has suffered any of the childhood diseases they are probably NOT A VAMPIRE! Vampires are usually immune to mumps, measles, etc. This is one of the reasons we were persecuted in the past. Our resistance to these diseases was construed as a result of witchery. Most vampires are also immune to other natural toxins such as are found in poison ivy and the like. Also snake venom, spider venom and wasp/bee venom has little or no affect. It is well known in the circle of vampires that those who were prophesied of as being unharmed by serpents were vampires who are believed to be demon hunters.

4. Blood lust. This is another one of those hollywood items. Yes, vampires crave blood, some at the least raw meat. However, this is due to the presence of a virus that has altered us geneticaly and there are certain compounds found in the nucleous of red blood cells we crave much as people, usually women, crave the hormones found in chocolate. Most do not realize their cravings are a result of the hormones, but believe they crave the chocolate. Many vampires are the same way due to poor education. It should also be noted that humans can not digest blood. Vampires can. We have a much more corrosive digestive system. Actually blood vampirism is very common in nature. Tics, fleas etc. are all vampiric.

5. Digestion: The digestive tract of a vampire is extremely acidic and quite capable of digesting blood. This is the reason we suffer from accute heartburn. Almost anything we eat will cause instant heartburn except raw or very rare meat and blood. This is also why in the past most of us were pale and thin. We did not eat enough due to the pain involved. Thanks to Tums and other "remedies" many of us must now watch our intake like anyone else.

6. Metabolism: Our metabolism is quite different from humans. Our digestive system is much more "efficient" at breaking down food. We need not eat nearly as much as most people to maintain a healthy body. I eat one meal about every other day and although I teach and therefore do not have a physical job I work very hard physicaly on other things and still remain large and muscular.

7. The cardiovascular system of a Vampire: I have never known a vampire to suffer from high blood pressure of high cholesterol. Personaly I weigh in at 275 American pounds and my BP is 108/67. My cholesterol is 152. Even "fat" vampires will display these abnormalities. And, by the way, most of us love garlic, good for the blood and heart you know.

Remember, like any other living creature there are variances in the traits of individual vampires as well. Dressing up in gothic or dark clothing and drinking blood does not a vampire make. Many like the taste of human blood who are not vampires. Some call it cannablism and is an old tale in human history.