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Interview with a Vampyr

The following is an interview Tony was so nice as to give to me. I hope you enjoy reading the information and answers provided as much as I have, thank you.

Q. When and where were you born?

A. I was born in San Antonio, TX during the month of August. I was the result of any unwed pregnancy. My biological father was probably a vampire while my mother was only half. She died giving birth. Both were Sicilian. I never knew either one of them. I was later adopted by another couple.

Q. When and how did you become a Vampire?

A. I was born a Vampire. Most Vampires are born with Blood of Cain. Although I must point out that though there are few immortals still existing, they do have the ability to bring a mortal across the threshhold. But as I said, I was born a Vampire.

Q. How much of the legends are true?

A. Most of the legends that are in circulation on the internet and on the streets contain an element of truth. Much of Our history has been passed down in the oral tradion from generation to generation. And as is quite common, much of the story has become quite garrbled. Now many of the legends and the prophicies are kept in writting, however, they are safley put away for safe keeping and are not avalible until the time comes when are knowlege will be needed.

Q. How do you go in the company of mortals?

A. Mundanes(mortals, as We call them)for all intents and purposes, are quite unaware of our existance. We have been written off as psychotics, lunitics, fantasy reinactors, and figments of peoples' imagination. So it is quite easy for me to blend in with mortals with a few exceptions. For one thing, mundanes can tell when a Vampire is near. It's instinct. It's the same as a mouse sensing the presence of a cat. The feeling can be described as having the "creeps". Another thing is the psychic noise that mundanes give out. As an emapth I am quite sensitive to the thoughts of others. For me, your thinking is the same as shouting at me. It can be quite irritable at times, however, I learned at an early age how to control the intake of mental noise.

Q. What do you fear the most?

A. The destruction and extiction of my Clan. Ask any Vamire. A Clan is your family, your heritage, and your blood. Closer that friends, closer that family, closer than lovers.

Q. Are you a child of the night, or a hunter by day?

A. I do most of hunting and feeding at night as it helps cover me, although I do hunt occasionaly during the day. For any Vampire, the night acts as an amplifier for the senses.

Q. How and where do you feed?

A. I am afraid that for my own privacy and safety, I cannot release that information.

Q. Can you die?

A. Oh yes, though it takes a lot to kill me. Intense heat is about the only thing that can kill me. I've been shot, stabed, and every other method but I'm still here.

Q. How do ou keep you finances?

A. I keep my finances in several international banks. Many of the nations they exist in are England, Switzerland, Caiman Island, and America.

Q. How do you feel about family?

A. The only family that I have is my Clan. Like any vampire I will sacrifice anything for the survival of my Clan.

Q. How important is sex?

A. I cannot speak for others but for me sex is a not only a vital tool in hunting but also something much more. Like many Vampires I am bisexual. It is a difficult thing to explain to a mundane. perhaps I should writte you an article on the topic at a later date.

Q. Can animals be Vampires too?

A. Although it is uncommon it does occur. However, I am not at liberty to give any information on that subject.

Q. Do animals like you or fear you?

A. Animals tend to like me. Mainly since I can understand them and communicate with them, being an empath and such. Though, there are some that completely despise me.

Q. Do you not age?

A. I age however very, very slowly. Most Vampires hit the usuall growth spurt at the normal age. After reaching the age of 20 they usually begin to age about a year after every 10-20 years.

Q. What do you do with your time?

A. When I'm not hunting, I am usually working. I travel abroad collecting books and knowlege. My Clan is dedicate dto the preseving the eons worth of knowlege that humanity has placed into books. This wisdom will soon be needed for the future when the Time comes.

Q. What is it that you have that mortals don't have.

A. A hightened sense of awareness, inhuman emotions that are not possible to describe in words, tremendous intelligance, and the instinct to survive at all costs.

Q. Do you like being a Vampire?

A. I wouldn't trade it for anything.

Q. Are you a Vampire by choice?

A. No, as I said before, I was born a Vampire. It is impossible to ignore my nature.

Q. What do you think of Vampire: the Masquerade?

A. I despise it. It is a mockery of my People. What we are and how we live is not a game or fantasy. It angers me to see that Mundanes no longer belive in us or respect us yet they try to act like us in their little games.

End of interview