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The Story of how Vampires Came to Be (As told by Tony)

~Thanx Tony~

Vampires have always held a dark facination with peole. Wether it's Bela Lugosi's "Dracula", Anne Rice's "Vampire Chronicals, and even the role playing games such as "Vampire: The Legacy. These things and other man-made manifestations are predominately false, although there is a small nugget of truth lying in each one.

It is hard to begin. Over the many centuries there have been many legends. Most of them have been passed down oraly from generation to generation. And as is to be expected, the oral tradition is not always as accurate as what really happend. Another difficulty in explaining the Genesis of the Vampire depends on what kind of Vampire. As with a diversity of many people there is much diversity among Vampires. It's the age old story of change and adaptation to survive in this world.

I'm fairly certain that the Vampire's you are wanting to know about would be your arch-typical, nightstalking, blood-sucking immortal. These are the oldest Vampires among us. Although many are not true immortals they do possess many of the same powers that immortals do such as telepathy, empathic abilities, enhanced senses, great strength, and powerful insticnts.

One of the many legends taht have preserved throughout the ages is the Legend of the Children of Cain. Legend has it that shortly after Cain was banished he found a great stone jutting out of the Earth. Weary and angry, he kneeled before the great stone and cursed and denounced the name of God. Cain cried out to who ever would listen and asked for vengance. Lucifer realized the potential that Cain had. Cain and his seed was the key to establishing a reign of Darkness across the Earth. He sent a demon to Earth to make love with Cain and to bear his children. It is said that six boys and six girls were borne of Cain and this demon(whose name I cannot say). The six boys and six girls made love with one another until they had multiplied into a whole nation over a period of hundreds of years. However they sone felt the need and taste for blood. Animals of all species were slaughtered in order to satisfy their hunger. Eventually they spread out across the world, walking among humans and feeding on them. They discovered that they had power yet were bound for all enternity to live as Hellspawns. A trade off that is worth the price. Eventually the Vampires came to rule humans. They raised humans and cattle to supply them with adundance of food. Soon after the Reign of Darkness a great flood covered the Earth. Some vampires survived by hiding under the earth. they stayed hidden for many years, wwaiting for humans to reeamrge and repopulate the land. By the time the Vampires had awakend, the humans out numbered them by the hundreds. The Vampire nation eventually split up into Clans. The exact number of Clans is unknown. many of those Clans still exist today. The rest of the story is has either been forgotten or is hidden. keep in mind that this legend has been passed down well over a thousand generations. Some things have been changed or altered. But the fact remains that we are an ancient people. We ruled humanity once. And I know that according to the Prophecy, we will rule again.