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Interview with RipperJAC

The following information is taken from a conversation with a friend, RipperJAC. All answers and explinations are the fact and/or opinion of RipperJAC. If you have more questions for him, e-mail me with them and I'll surely update this page with the answers. If you have opinions and/or arguments about the conversation on this page, e-mail me with your thoughts and information and I'll post it in the soon to come "Opinions" section for all to see. And finally, be sure to e-mail me if you have articles or thoughts of your own (similar or different to this) to add to the site and I will post them as an article. Thank you.

Q.What makes you an authority on vampyrs?


Q. Are you one?

A.No, but not for lack of trying.

Q. What happens when someone turns into a Vampyr?

A. The body dies, but the ichor sustains life. Stomach and intestine content voids...

Q. Please explain what the ichor is.

A.from my glossary:

ichor—life fluid of entities that do not have blood, esp. gods; helps cells produce ten times as much ATP

Actually, ichor doesn't do cellular respiration, as much as fermentation. doesn't require oxygen.

Q. Do you turn into a Vampyr immediately or does it take a while (as in days...weeks...or hours?)

A. No, it's not instantaneous. It's different for everyone, too, mostly because there are three types of them. The longest it would take is...a week, I think.

Q. What are the types?


Type I: The body dies from loss of blood at or within a week of receiving blood from the originating vampyr.

For example, say Joe Vampyr starts feeding on some schmuck, then gives the schmuck some of his own blood. He could keep sucking the guy's life out, and then leave him to recover as a vampyr after the body dies. OR he could leave him alive and let him die on his own later. Depending on how much time passes before the body dies, that much time would pass before it wakes up again.

Type II: Actually has four subtypes. The originating vampyr stops draining them before giving them his blood.

IIA: They're killed after they recover from the exchange, so they're immediately reborn as vampyrs.

IIB: Once they get the blood, are left to recover as they are. They're still vampyrs, as the blood replaces enough of their own to kill the body. Unlike undead vampyrs, these ones aren't truly dead. They still have heartbeats while they're inactive, and they dream. These and type I's are the most common.

Understand, in all vampyres, the organs don't really work. But they remain. A few of them atrophy from disuse. Like...the liver, and the kidneys. All the glands become saturated with blood, so all secretions (except saliva) are suffused with blood, which gives them a reddish hue.

IIC: Are an oddity, but not necessarily all that rare. They're given the blood at the point where if they weren't, they'd surely die. Like...on a battlefield, or in a hospital. It saves their lives, but only because they become undead. The body dies from natural (or...unnatural, as in war) causes.

IID: Are the rarest. There can't be more than a handful, if that. RIGHT at the point where they would die, after receiving the blood, something saves their lives. Most often, this would be a blood transfusion. The ichor cannot cancel out the rest of the blood, but it remains. Life is returned, and vampyrism develops codominance. From the outside, these are the most average Joes. With only the occasional bloodthirst.

Type III: Are actually given the blood AFTER they've been dead for a while. They rot, so they need even more blood than normal vampyrs, just to stay in one piece.

Q. Can all of these types love?

A.Love is an emotion. It's possible, yes.

Q. Which is the deadliest...or are they all equally dangerous?

A. They're only dangerous if they've developed their gifts. Give that...yes, they're dangerous. They're faster, stronger, and can weather a LOT more than a human.

Q.What happens if a vampyr feeds off of a person? Symptoms, scarring etc?

A. If a vampyr feeds off a person, they don't have to die. That creates the hassle of a coverup. Loss of blood is survivable, and will be diagnosed as anemia.

In Dracula, the women are drained night after night, and only after they died (of eventual blood loss) rose again as vampyr. A vampyr doesn't need to drink THAT much blood to sate the Hunger.

Yes, bite marks will scar. but only in as much as normal wounds scar. usually, they're too small. They bruise for a while, and look like a big hickey. Depending on one's metabolism, it could take days to fully heal.

Q. What specific spots might a Vampyr feed from?

A. Most use the neck, for the carotid artery (not a jugular vein). But that's only because it's easer to mask with passion. Any artery will do. Above the elbow (or inner elbow) would be a spot but the most common spots are the neck and inner thigh.

Q. How would being fed off effect someone health-wise?

A. Loss of blood makes you weak all the time, and tired. You can't keep moving, often having to stop and rest...oversleeping is common. You're often not hungry, though you NEED to eat...dreams become intense and loss of blood can make you moody

Anemia is an overabundance of white blood cells. (or lack of red blood cells. It's a percentage thing.) Taking iron helps the devlopment of more rbc's.

The sensitivity to light cab be caused by the lack of iron in your system, either from anemia OR blood loss.

Both anemia and bloodloss can disrupt normal memory storage, due to lack of concentration and stuff.

Q. Would a person who's been fed off of become linked somehow with a Vampyr?

A. Yes, though not all the time. There's a thing the vampyr does. It's nothing to do with blood, it's just a bit of mind magick. It like...turns off their inhibitions so they let him back in if and when he needs more blood. It also lets him know of their current situation. Like...asleep, awake, horny, that kind of a thing.

Q. How long might a Vampyr feed off of someone?

A. As long as you're alive, really.

Q. What are the grounds for choosing someone to feed off of? Any reason why someone might be chosen instead of say...Betty up the street?

A. For the sam reason most vampyrs pick the neck or thigh, most vampyrs pick potential mates to feed from. It's easer to get the opportunity, and easier to cover up. However, some feed from criminals (not necessarily letting them live) or just random people (again, not necessarily letting them live). Motive varies from person to person.

Would a person being fed off of develop any new...abilities?

A. Sometimes, because of the link with the vampyr, they start to develop some psychic ability, or a second sight, or they could even cross the Curtain completely.

Q. Does a Vampyr they do in the movies...looks-wise?

A. No. Fangs extend, but that's it.

Q.Why do Vampyrs have to drink blood?

A.To keep it in their system so the ichor has something to use to make ATP. it's also part of the curse.