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Thoughts from the Dark Lover

The following was sent to me via e-mail from a brief friend who claimed to be a Vampyr. I wanted to e-mail him and request his permission to post this information, though I don't think he'd mind, but it appears his e-mail address is no longer in service. So, I'm posting it anyway and if he happens to read this and wishes for me to take the information down, he can e-mail me.

Send your opinions and/or arguments about the Dark Lover's opinions to me via e-mail and I'll post them in the opinions and arguments section.

Please keep in mind that just because I am posting this information does not mean it is what I believe. All information, no matter how wacky or logical is posted for the sake of arguments and holding many views to ponder.

Only if you are fed on more than four times will you become a Vampyr. Sunlight means nothing. Crosses mean nothing. We have been here long before Christ, why would a cross matter? Coffins are just in stories...I sleep in a bed! We don't have fangs (very hard to drain blood with). We are not bats but are vaper. People don't believe in us so they don't hunt least I've never met one or heard of one. We can walk on holy ground. We can cross running water. We can enter your house if you want us there or not.

The power comes from the blood closest to our own. When a new Vampyr wakes, they go home first. Mother, father, brother...but most of the time not a spouce...not of our own blood.

We aren't demons...that comes from Dracula (son of the Devil). If a cow could think he'd call you evil. Why? Because you eat them...they are food. Mortals are food to us. Not nice, but not evil either.

To make a Vampyr, like I said, they have to be fed on. You can't drink my blood and become one. If you cut me I won't bleed. My heart does not pump. If I feed on you a lot, you'll probably become a vampyr. If I feed on you almost to death, but leave you'll most likely become a vampyr.