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Shadowclad Java Enabled Chat

Welcome to Shadowclad's Java Enabled Chat. Please remember to post any scheduled chat times (if you wish to schedule some) on the "Dark Conversation" message board.

Keep in mind that if everyone who enters this chat room (or the non java, for that matter), simply comes in, sees no one and immediately leaves, the chances of chatting are pretty slim! So, if you come into the chat room and no one is would be wise to give it a couple minutes or so and see if someone DOES come in.

If you would like to chat with me personally, either e-mail me or post a message about it on the "Dark Conversation" message board.

Sorry, your browser is not Java-enabled, you will not be able to chat.

Tips and Tricks:

Upon entering the chat room, you might notice the list of names to the right of the chat conversation. This is where the chat room lists all the visitors who are currently chatting.

To find out information about an individual, click on their name and click on the "User Info" button.

To Privately Chat with an Individual (aka "PC"), click on the persons name (so it is highlighted - only one click) and click the little box next to the words "Private Chat" under the user name list. Begin chatting and remember...any message you send to the user will go directly to them. The room will not be able to see it and when you wish to speak to another user privately, you must click on their name. To enter public must uncheck the little box.

To chat in a private box with somebody (no different than PC but helps with high traffic chat)...for example, if you wanted to privately chat with "Mindy" would type priv* Mindy and hit enter...after a few moments a small box should pop up - you can begin chatting with it.

If someone gives you the URL of a site they'd like you to visit, there is no need to log out of the chat room to be able to view the page - simply click the "Surf!" button after the person sends you the web page address and another browser will pop up and load the page you wish to see - thus allowing you to chat and look at the same time.

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